Menu: Steves Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs

Steve’s Famous Chili-Cheese Dog

Smoked and grilled 1/4lb NY Nathan’s smothered in chili, cheese, fresh onion! Call ya momma!!! $5.20 / $6.95 comboChili Cheese Dog St Louis Hot Dog Restaurant

The Smoked “Stev-Imo” (Salsiccia)
The Hill’s very own Imo’s Salsiccia. Smoked to perfection. With your choice of toppings. $4.99 / $6.74 comboThe Smoked Stev-Imo Salsiccia The Hill

The St. Louis-Chicago Dog Huh?
Our famous St. Louis style smoked and grilled dog, dressed with all the Chi-Town goodies, mustard, relish, onion, pickle, tomato wedge! $5.25 / $6.99 comboChicago Style Hot Dog

The Bacon Bacon Jamaican
Our smoked dog with 2 slices of crisp bacon, pepper jack, jerk seasoning, bell peppers and sweet chipotle sauce. $5.99 / $7.74bacon bacon jamaican hot dog st louis

The Al Hra-BRAT-ski (Bratwurst)
Fantastically smoked Hungarian Bratwurst dressed with sauerkraut, mustard and celery salt. $5.99 / $7.74 comboThe Al Hra-BRAT-ski bratwurst st louis restaurant

The “Crazy Cajun Creole” (Andouille)
Locally made smoked Andouille sausage with grilled onions, spicy brown mustard, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce! $5.49 / $7.24 combocrazy cajun creole andouille sausage st louis

The “Micho” (Chorizo)

Our Tasty 1/4lb Chorizo, cilantro, Chipotle onions,   relish, spicy brown mustard, jalapeno, avocado.  $5.49 / $7.24 combo

The Micho Chorizo Hot Dog St Louis

The Madeline
For the purest of the purest. The delicious flavor of our famous NY Nathan’s, PLAIN (With or w/o Bun) $3.75 / $5.50 combo

The Madeline Plain Hot Dog Nathans St Louis

The Very Very Veggie Dog
Our grilled VEGETARIAN dog with fresh grilled seasonal veggies, avocado, tomato slice, sweet relish, celery salt and siracha! $6.99 / $8.74 combo

Marconi Street Beef Sandwich
Marinated in our proprietary recipe, bathed in smoke, hot seared on the grill and wafer sliced with smoked Salsiccia, grilled onions, veggies, piled into a provolone lined hoagie bun. And peppers! $7.99 / $9.74 comboMarconi Street Pit Beef Sandwich St Louis

Back Yard BBQ Dog

Our famous smoked dog smothered in tangy baked beans and fresh potato salad, bacon and BBQ sauce! OMG! $6.99 / $8.74 combobackyard bbq dog hot dog st louis

The Molotov Dog
Our famous smoked dog with Habanero Chipotle spread, Sriracha, go inside and get my pickle relish, chipotle onions, jalapeno, and a prayer for you… $5.25 / $6.94 comboThe Molotov Dog Tower Grove Hot Dog Restaurant St Louis

Two Dog Combos
Add another dog/sausage to your combo order for one price!!! $12.24

The Macho Nacho Dog
Our newest permanent addition to the menu, the Macho Nacho Dog is topped with chili, nacho cheese, tomato, Doritos, sour cream and jalapeno.macho nacho hot dog st louis

Dogtown Pizza Hot Wing Dog
In collaboration with Dogtown Pizza, we bring you the Dogtown Pizza Hot Wing Dog: buffalo chicken, hot wing sauce, provel cheese and creamy ranch.

dogtown pizza hot dog st louis

The Storm Trooper Dog
Our smoked Salsiccia topped with made from scratch Rotini Alfredo, bacon, French’s Fried Onion and fresh grated Parmesan! $6.99 / $8.74 comboStorm Trooper Hot Dog Steves Hot Dogs St Louis

Gorilla Mac & Cheese Dog
Our famous smoked Nathan’s dog, topped with creamy mac & cheese, bacon, and French’s fried onions! $5.49 / $7.24 combo
steve's hot dogs gorilla mac and cheese st louis

St. Louis Style HYAAAH! Dog
Our famous smoked and grilled dog with grilled onions and grilled bell peppers, hot peppers, bacon, provolone. $5.49 / $7.24 combo
HYAAH Dog St Louis Style Hot Dog


Gumbo Restaurant St Louis Tower Grove The HillGumbo
$5.50/Reg – $5.90 Lg

Silverback Gorilla Bowl
$5.50/Reg – $6.90 Lg
House-made mac & cheese bowl topped with our bestselling Gorilla bacon & crispy fried onion.

Kevin Bacon Jamaican Bowl
$5.50/Reg – $6.90 Lg
We lay down a slice of pepper jack and top it with silky Mac & Cheese, honey chipotle, crisscrossed bacon slices, grilled bell peppers and MORE bacon!

Madeline Mac & Cheese Bowl
$5.25/Reg – $6.50 Lg
Named after little Miss Ewing. A sweet purveyor of all things pure & simple. (Bowl of plain mac)

Chili Mac & Cheese Bowl
$5.50/Reg – $6.90 Lg
The real deal chili mac for ya. Our mac & cheese covered with piping hot chili, shredded cheddar and your choice of raw, grilled, chipotle or fried onion and sour cream.

The Macgyver Bowl
$5.80/Reg – $7.20 Lg
The “Bowl of Champions" Exactly in this order: Rotini, alfredo, parmesan, rotini, cheddar, bacon, fried onion, parmesan… Layers of decadence.


Sides & Drinks

Bottled Craft Sodas $1.75

Can Soda $.99

Chips $.99