Brad Fann’s Storm Trooper Dog

Our smoked Salsiccia topped with made from scratch Rotini Alfredo, bacon, French’s Fried Onion and fresh grated Parmesan! $6.99 / $8.50 combo

Gorilla Mac & Cheese Dog

Our famous smoked Nathan’s dog, topped with creamy mac & cheese, bacon, and French’s fried onions! $5.49 / $6.99 combo

St. Louis Style HYAAAH! Dog

Our famous smoked and grilled dog with grilled onions and grilled bell peppers, hot peppers, bacon, provolone. $5.49 / $6.99 combo

Steve’s Famous Chili-Cheese Dog

Smoked and grilled 1/4lb NY Nathan’s smothered in chili, cheese, fresh onion! Call ya momma!!! $5.20 / $6.70 combo

The Smoked “Stev-Imo” (Salsiccia)

The Hill’s very own Imo’s Salsiccia. Smoked to perfection. With your choice of toppings. $4.99 / $6.49 combo

The St. Louis-Chicago Dog Huh?

Our famous St. Louis style smoked and grilled dog, dressed with all the Chi-Town goodies, mustard, relish, onion, pickle, tomato wedge! $5.25 / $6.95 combo

The Al Hra-BRAT-ski (Bratwurst)

Fantastically smoked Hungarian Bratwurst dressed with sauerkraut, mustard and celery salt. $4.99 / $6.99 combo

The “Crazy Cajun Creole” (Andouille)

Locally made smoked Andouille sausage with grilled onions, spicy brown mustard, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce! $5.20 / $6.70 combo

The “Aye Chihuahua” (Chorizo)

Our Tasty 1/4lb Chorizo, cilantro, Chipotle onions, relish, spicy brown mustard, jalapeno, avocado. $5.49 / $6.99 combo

The Madeline

For the purest of the purest. The delicious flavor of our famous NY Nathan’s, PLAIN (With or w/o Bun) $3.75 / $5.45 combo

The Very Very Veggie Dog

Fresh grilled veggies, grilled tofu, tomato wedge, grilled onion, sweet relish and avocado! $4.85 / $6.60 combo

Smoked Italian Beef Sandwich

Marinated in our proprietary recipe, bathed in smoke, hot seared on the grill and wafer sliced with smoked Salsiccia, grilled onions, veggies, piled into a provolone lined hoagie bun. And peppers! $7.99 / $9.50 combo

Back Yard BBQ Dog

Our famous smoked dog smothered in tangy baked beans and fresh potato salad, bacon and BBQ sauce! OMG! $6.99 / $8.49 combo

The Molotov Dog

Our famous smoked dog with Habanero Chipotle spread, Sriracha, go inside and get my pickle relish, chipotle onions, jalapeno, and a prayer for you… $5.25 / $6.75 combo

Two Dog Combos

Add another dog/sausage to your combo order for one price!!! $11.99

8oz. Chili/Soup $3.50

12oz. Chili/Soup $4.25

Bottled Craft Sodas $1.75

Chips $.99